Taking good hoof pictures


Pretty Hoof

A pretty photo hides hoof defects

Taking pictures is easy right? Just point and shoot?
Well, yes, it is easy, but that might not give you a picture that is useful, even if it is pretty. Pretty pictures tend to hide defects and excentuate beauty. Useful photos may highlight defects.

Useful pictures

Useful photo

A useful picture shows defects such as poor shape or weak structures

Useful pictures are ones that show someone something important.
If you are taking pictures of hooves then you are either taking them for your own records (welcome to the world of hoof geeking) or you are taking them to show your hoofcare provider or vet something that is happening with the feet.

There are several useful shots, taken from very specific angles that will prove useful, and a lot of less useful shots, taken from hundreds of different positions.

The video below explains the shots that are most useful and how to take the pictures using a mobile phone camera. It also shows the difference between good and bad photos.