About Vikki


I started riding as a child and had weekly lessons for 9 years, culminating in taking a horse on loan for 2 1/2 years, only giving her up when I headed off to University. During the summer holidays I used to work in the riding school, helping with stable duties and eventually progressing to teaching some of the younger children’s riding and stable management lessons.

I have owned my own horse since 2003. I used to ride him English and Western and have competed in both. He has had some ligament issues so is no longer ridden and has been promoted to chief lawn mower. We used to jump at competition to about 2’6 but jumped higher at home. We hacked out when weather and work allowed, our favourite ride was down to the local pub where the hitching rail has a nice patch of grass that needs regular “mowing”. The picture shows us very much enjoying the lake crossing at the Blenheim Palace fun ride in 2012. You can just see that we went round in a set of hoof boots, which performed exceptionally well, even going through the water.

My horse has been barefoot under the care of an EP since 2006. He had problems with the transition to going barefoot so I have made it a priority to try and understand how best to help him be as comfortable as possible whilst still keeping him barefoot. During that time I have become more and more fascinated with the amazing engineering feat that is the horse’s hoof. This has fuelled my interest in the field of Equine Podiatry.


I am a graduate of Equine Podiatry Training Ltd’s training course with a Diploma in Equine Podiatry. The course is fascinating and teaches about the hoof and how it works and is affected by environmental influences, including but not limited to trimming, diet and exercise.

My diploma in Equine Podiatry (DEP) allows me to be a full member of the EPA(UK), currently this is the only entry route into the EPA(UK) as a full member.

As a full member of the EPA(UK) I am required to undertake at least 40 hours of Continuing Professional Development per year, I often do far more than this because there is so much to learn about the huge subject that is the horse. Most recently, I have been furthering my understanding of the ethology of equines, in order to treat them with the dignity they deserve.


If you wish to contact me about Equine Podiatry or Horse Charming and whether it could help your horse, please see my Contact page.