Hoof Boot Size Charts

I have attempted to gather together all of the size charts for all of the removable hoof boots that are available to purchase in the UK. If you think I have missed any, please drop me a message through my contact page (I have chosen to ignore glue-ons as I consider these to be shoes).
Note: not all of these boots are suitable for all purposes. Discuss the intended usage of the boot with your hoof care provider when deciding which boots to purchase.

Cavallo Boots

Cute Little Boots (CLB)

Width (mm)
Length (mm)
2M 62-72mm 72-82mm
3M 73-82mm 83-92mm

Simples, Sports, Trecs, ELB

The Regular fit will allow a width up to one boot size bigger than length
The Slim fit is 6mm narrower
Width (mm)
Length (mm)
0 102-109mm
1 110-117mm
2 118-125mm
3 126-133mm
4 134-141mm
5 142-149mm
6 150-157mm

Bigfoot Boots (BFB)

Only available in ELB regular soles
Width (mm)
Length (mm)
8 166-173mm
10 182-189mm

Delta Boots

The fit will allow a width up to one boot size bigger than length
Width (mm)
Length (mm)
000 102-109mm
00 110-117mm
0 118-125mm
1 126-133mm
2 134-141mm
3 142-149mm
4 150-157mm

Easycare Boots

Easyboot Cloud

Width (mm)
Length (mm)
0 89-99mm 102-112mm
0 99-108mm 112-118mm
1 108-124mm 118-131mm
2 124-133mm 131-137mm
3 133-149mm 137-150mm
4 140-159mm 150-159mm
5 159-170mm 159-170mm
6 170-177mm 170-177mm
7 177-188mm 177-188mm
8 188-201mm 188-201mm

Easyboot Epic & Original

Width (mm)
Length (mm)
Pony 78-85mm 85-92mm
000 86-97mm 93-105mm
00 98-110mm 106-117mm
0 111-116mm 118-124mm
1 117-123mm 125-130mm
2 124-130mm 131-140mm
3 131-139mm 141-150mm
4 140-150mm 151-163mm
5 151-163mm 164-174mm
6 164-175mm 175-188mm
7 176-192mm 189-195mm

Easyboot Glove & Back Country inc 2016

Width (mm)
Length (mm)
00 96-99mm 106-109mm
00.5 100-103mm 110-113mm
0 104-107mm 114-117mm
0.5 108-111mm 118-121mm
1 112-115mm 122-125mm
1.5 116-119mm 126-129mm
2 120-123mm 130-133mm
2.5 124-127mm 134-137mm
3 128-131mm 138-141mm
3.5 132-135mm 142-145mm
4 136-139mm 146-149mm
4.5 140-143mm 150-153mm
5 144-147mm 154-157mm

Easyboot Glove Wide & Back Country Wide inc 2016

Width (mm)
Length (mm)
0W 114-117mm 114-117mm
0.5W 118-121mm 118-121mm
1W 122-125mm 122-125mm
1.5W 126-129mm 126-129mm
2W 130-133mm 130-133mm
2.5W 134-137mm 134-137mm
3W 138-141mm 138-141mm

Easyboot Mini

Width (mm)
Length (mm)
MINI 44-49mm 49-54mm
MINI 1 50-55mm 55-64mm
MINI 2 56-65mm 65-72mm
MINI 3 66-76mm 73-86mm

Easyboot Old Mac’s G2/New Trail/New Mac

Width (mm)
Length (mm)
0 100-105mm 105-110mm
1 105-110mm 110-115mm
2 110-115mm 115-120mm
3 115-120mm 120-125mm
4 120-125mm 125-130mm
5 125-130mm 130-135mm
6 130-135mm 135-140mm
7 135-140mm 140-145mm
8 140-145mm 145-150mm
9 145-150mm 150-155mm
10 150-155mm 155-160mm
11 155-160mm 160-170mm
12 160-165mm 170-180mm

Easyboot RX

Width (mm)
Length (mm)
00 98-110mm 106-117mm
0 111-116mm 118-124mm
1 117-123mm 125-130mm
2 124-130mm 131-140mm
3 131-139mm 141-150mm
4 140-150mm 151-163mm
5 151-163mm 164-174mm
6 164-175mm 175-188mm
7 176-192mm 189-195mm

Easyboot Zip

Width (mm)
Length (mm)
0 77-97 mm 77-97 mm
1 98-119 mm 98-119 mm
2 120-136 mm 120-136 mm
3 137-162 mm 137-162 mm
4 163-180 mm 163-180 mm

Equine Fusion Jogging Shoes

Active, All Terrain, All Terrain Ultra, Ultra, Ultimate

Width (mm)
Length (mm)
7 Up to 70mm 66-75mm
7 Slim Up to 63.5mm 66-75mm
8 Up to 80mm 75-85mm
8 Slim Up to 73.5mm 75-85mm
9 Up to 90mm 86-95mm
9 Slim Up to 83.5mm 86-95mm
10 Up to 100mm 96-105mm
10 Slim Up to 93.5mm 96-105mm
11 Up to 110mm 106-115mm
11 Slim Up to 103.5mm 106-115mm
12 Up to 120mm 116-125mm
12 Slim Up to 113.5mm 116-125mm
13 Up to 130mm 126-135mm
13 Slim Up to 123.5mm 126-135mm
14 Up to 140mm 136-145mm
14 Slim Up to 133.5mm 136-145mm
15 Up to 150mm 146-155mm
15 Slim Up to 143.5mm 146-155mm
16 Up to 160mm 155-165mm
16 Slim Up to 153.5mm 155-165mm

Evo Boot

Width (mm)
Length (mm)
0 96-99mm 109-114mm
0 100-103mm 114-119mm
0W 104-107mm 119-124mm
1 108-111mm 124-129mm
1W 112-117mm 126-131mm
2 115-118mm 129-134mm
2W 118-123mm 131-136mm
3 123-128mm 134-139mm
3W  128-131mm 134-139mm
3WW 131-138mm 134-139mm
4  138-142mm 138-143mm
4W 142-146mm 143-148mm

Floating Boots

M is front shape, p is hind shape. Can be fitted loose,tight or heat adapted
Width (mm)
Length (mm)
M0 115-120mm 110-130mm
M1 121-126mm 115-135mm
M2 127-146mm 120-141mm
M3 147-157mm 125-147mm
P0 106-111mm 105-127mm
P1 112-117mm 110-135mm
P2 118-137mm 115-140mm
P3 140-147mm 122-147mm
M0 101-114mm 110-130mm
M1 107-120mm 115-135mm
M2 111-126mm 120-141mm
M3 131-146mm 125-147mm
P0 96-105mm 105-127mm
P1 98-111mm 110-135mm
P2 104-117mm 115-140mm
P3 122-139mm 122-147mm
M0 121-131mm 131-137mm
M1 177-137mm 136-142mm
M2 147-157mm 142-148mm
M3 158-168mm 148-154mm
P0 112-122mm 128-134mm
P1 118-128mm 136-142mm
P2 138-148mm 141-147mm
P3 148-158mm 148-154mm

Renegade Boots

Renegade Classic

Width (mm)
Length (mm)
00 108mm 127mm
0 116mm 127mm
1 121mm 134mm
2 127mm 140mm
2W 133mm 140mm
2WW 140mm 140mm
4WW 152mm 152mm


Allow 5mm of clearance between hoof measurement and boot measurement on length and width
Width (mm)
Length (mm)
120×110 105mm 115mm
125×115 110mm 120mm
125×120 115mm 120mm
125×125 120mm 120mm
130×120 115mm 125mm
130×125 120mm 125mm
135×130 125mm 130mm
135×135 130mm 130mm
140×130 125mm 135mm
140×135 130mm 135mm
140×140 135mm 135mm
145×145 140mm 140mm
150×150 150mm 150mm

Scoot Boots

Width (mm)
Length (mm)
000 90-100mm 95mm
00 95-105mm 100mm
0 105-110mm 105mm
0 Slim 95-105mm 105mm
1 110-115mm 110mm
1 Slim 100-110mm 110mm
2 115-120mm 115mm
2 Slim 105-115mm 115mm
3 120-125mm 120mm
3 Slim 110-120mm 120mm
4 125-130mm 125mm
4 Slim 115-125mm 125mm
5 130-135mm 130mm
5 Slim 120-130mm 130mm
6 130-140mm 135mm
6 Slim 130-135mm 135mm
7 135-145mm 140mm
8 140-150mm 145mm
9 145-155mm 155mm

Swiss Galoppers

Width (mm)
Length (mm)
SG4 114 – 120mm 119 – 130mm
SG5 121 – 127mm 126 – 137mm
SG6 128 – 135mm 134 – 145mm
SG7 136 – 144mm 143 – 156mm

Turf King II

Width (mm)
Length (mm)
0 116mm 116mm
1 122mm 122mm
2 128mm 128mm
3 134mm 134mm
4 140mm 140mm
5 145mm 145mm
6 152mm 152mm
7 158mm 158mm

Woof Wear Medical Hoof Boot

Width (mm)
Length (mm)
0 76-85mm 79-90mm
1 86-94mm 91-101mm
2 95-103mm 102-112mm
3 104-112mm 113-123mm
4 113-121mm 124-134mm
5 122-130mm 135-145mm
6 131-139mm 146-156mm
7 140-148mm 157-167mm
8 149-157mm 168-178mm
9 158-166mm 179-189mm